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Friday, January 31, 2020

Lassa Fever - There Are Too Many Families Living With Rats

Are you one of those wondering why Nigeria has not curbed the spread of Lassa fever and everyday on the News one read that it has hit a new location?Well Dirt has a role to play in this!

Some places are too dirty and that is why this Lassa fever is spreading........Some families even live with rats and have not done anything about it because they are used to that condition...

Before Lassa fever can be eradicated,it has to start from homes,so please stop blaming the government for not being able to curb it....

Start from your homes,get rid of all the unwanted load where rats are living,gbenshing and increasing daily...
Get rid of papers that are not important...Less is more!

Clean out your homes and stop living with rats and other creatures!!!

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