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Friday, January 31, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner - Visible Panty Lines Brouhaha

I stumbled on a discussion where the topic of interest was on pant lines that are conspicuous through a lady's outfit and how some men consider it as being indecently dressed and an offence.

 I didn't even know pantylines was worth taking note of, talk less of it being termed offensive.

I've always been a team 'granny pants' (yes I'm that old fashioned) and when I tried to spice up my 'pant life' by adding G-strings to the pack, I felt uncomfortable and 'pantless'.

Truth be told, pant lines showing through our outfits are sometimes unavoidable, even those who use G-strings have to make a switch during that time of the month and most times, the undies we think would fit us adequately end up being a tad smaller for us thereby making our pant lines show through our outfits.

I wonder who brought up the notion that it was offensive to see female pantylines? don't we often see men wear tight pants (trousers) and their crotch area are sometimes on full display? 

Oh please,excuse me!

I look at pantylines a lot and i like mine to show during summer...LMAO!!!

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