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Friday, March 20, 2020

7 most popular Instagram slay queens. Romangoddess is number 1

The word slay queen has become one of the most used phrases in Nigeria due to the activities of some women on social mediaSlay queen is used to describe ladies who often show off on social media because of the way they dress.In Nigeria, there are some Instagram celebrities who are regarded as slay queens due to their 'hot' photos. They are either receiving accolades for their body figure or people are liking the dress they wore.

Here, we bring to you seven most popular slay queens in Nigeria.

1. Romangoddess

Romangoddes is one of the top slay queens on Instagram. On her Instagram page, Romangodess wrote that she is an entrepreneur. The Benin Republic born who gets attention because of curvy figure, owns a wine shop at Magodo Estate in Lagos.

The 'slay queen' receives a lot of likes and comments because in almost all her pictures, she reveals some cleavages. Since she has a killer figure, her pictures receives a lot of attention, making her one of the top slay queens on Instagram.

2. Peace Olayemi

Peace is one of the most sought-after slay queens on Instagram. Day in day out, she posts very attractive pictures that receive a lot of likes and comments. Her good sense of fashion, revealing cleavages and her body figure are the elements that gives her a lot of attention on Instagram.

Peace  has been featured in several comedy skits and has acted in a Yoruba movie produced by Muyideen Oladapo aka Lala.

3. Theonlysweetyville

Theonlysweetyvilleis one of the most followed slay queens on Instagram because of her sexy body. Almost all the time, Theonlysweetyville is seen posting very beautiful photos on Instagram for which she receives a lot of likes and comments.

On her Instagram, Theonlysweetyville describes herself as a honcho, entrepreneur and influencer. With 114k followers on Instagram, Theonlysweetyville seems to grab a lot of attention with her bosom. The dark skinned lady shuttles Dubai and Nigeria.

4. Officiacici (Cythia)

Cynthia is a top Instagram slay queen due to her beautiful photos that she posts often. Her photos receive a lot of attention because she is fond of wearing skimpy dresses.

Cynthia has featured in some Nollywood movies and several comical skits.

5. Richie Demorest

Her bubbly body is always the center of attraction on Instagram, making her one of the top slay queens in Nigeria. Richie who often posts beautiful pictures on her Instagram page receives a lot of likes and comments since she reveals some cleavages.

With over 125k followers on Instagram, Richie describes herself as a brand ambassador.

6. Big Fish

Big Fish is one of the known slay queens on Instagram due to the 'hot' photos and videos that she normally posts on Instagram.

Describing herself and as public figure, Big Fish receives a lot of attention because of her thick figure. With 106k followers, Big Fish is gradually becoming one of the top Instagram stars.

7. Advanced-amber01

Born Okonkwo Chioma, Advanced-amber01 as she is popularly known is one of the top slay queens in Nigeria. With very 'hot' photos on Instagram, Chioma often gets tongues wagging because of her daring photos.

All photos that Chioma posts on Instagram receives a lot of likes and comments making her photos trend often.

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