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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Labour Room Drama

I'm back again with my second labour room drama. 

Those who said no two pregnancies are alike really did their research well.

Having lost yet another pregnancy to PROM, the Almighty God helped me conceive again within a very short time - DH and I were not even actively trying for another baby yet, but I started to feel funny and something in my spirit just told me to do a pregnancy test...voila....that faint pink line that just makes you break down in tears of joy.

This pregnancy was different from the get go. Usually, the moment I get a positive test result, I start feeling weak and morning sickness kicks in till about midway of my 2nd trimester, but this time around, i didnt experience nada, just bouts of tiredness and the flat taste of everything.

So, to the drama. The president had announced a 2 week lockdown and I was excited about the 'holiday'. I wouldn't have to be up at 5am as usual. My sister in law and friend helped me stock up my house for the period and besides work blues, (working from home is more mentally challenging when you have a toddler) I was enjoying the time out.

One night, I had a dream that I went into labour. I woke up and prayerfully cancelled it as I was still a few weeks away from my due date. Again, I had another dream, still in the course of that week, that I went into labour.

 I prayed against it yet again. However, something in my spirit told me to get my hospital bag ready, so I started looking at online shops where I could get the things on my hospital list, but most weren't delivering due to the uncertainty in the air.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to use the bathroom and saw the show. My mind raced in a hundred directions.....Lord Please, not now. I told hubby my predicament and how I may be going into labour soon. I asked that we drive to the pharmaceutical stores around to see if we could get a few things on the list. He insisted I speak with my Doctor first.

I called my Doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about, but I should go to the hospital if I started to feel contractions. As with my other pregnancies, i usually fall into labour within 12 hours of seeing my show, but my Doctor was saying since it wasnt tinged with blood it could take a week or two before baby comes.

 I still felt uncomfortable as the show kept on coming every time I went to pee. I took pictures and sent it to my Cousin who is a gynae and he said that's definitely show and I should get to the hospital for examination to be sure I wasn't dilating.

At about 3pm, I started feeling mild contractions. I told hubby we needed to go to the hospital and at this point, he started to panic. I told him to relax I wanted to pack the few things I have incase baby decided to show up.

Amidst the lockdown, we made it to the hospital without any hitches. I went straight to emergency and said I think I am in labour. The Doctor on duty examined me and said I was 2cm dilated. My heart wanted to make his debut early. My doctor came in a few minutes after and did his own examination. He said the cerclage was still in place so they would give steroids and "tocolyse" - hold of labour for as long as possible. I had mild cramps most of the night and my show had started having bloody streaks despite all the medications being administered.

By sunday morning, the contractions had become more intense, but were averaging 1 in 10mins. My Doctor came in, examined me and said he needed to take out the cerclage as my cervix was already thin, but I was still 2cm. After the removal, he said there is nothing stopping me from fully going into labour: baby's head was already down. And so the wait began......

I was on a video call with my siblings gisting when my nurse did her round and insisted on examining me, even though I told her I wasnt contracting so much anymore.
She exclaimed: Madam, you are 7-8cm and we need to break your waters immediately as you are not contracting hard enough for this stage of labour. I was rushed to the delivery suite and was told if after breaking my waters I don't contract as expected, i will be given oxytocin.

People of SDK, contractions get levels when it is not a steady progression. The first contraction I had after my waters were broken had me screaming like a banshee. Hubby rub back taya, e no ease up ooo. The midwife stepped out to get the pediatric team and in those few minutes I felt the 'ring of fire'. Hubby was speaking English, asking me to try and hold it, i just dey shout dey go.

The matron came back with the team and 3 intense painful contractions after, my little boy came out screaming. Those were the most painful 30mins of my entire life. My 35 weeker came out at a healthy weight, but had to spend a few weeks in the hospital as he had a few complications because of his gestation.

The daily trips to the hospital were exhausting, but very well worth it. My Lil Prince is very healthy and eating like BM is going out of fashion.
I'm officially hanging my boots.....4 pregnancies and 2 kids after.

In all, I am grateful to God for making me a mother again. I speak to every home where there are challenges regarding conception or carrying to term, God is ever faithful and will give you the manifestation of HIS promises at HIS set time. God is never late, its we humans that are in a hurry.

Experienced mamas, What family planning method does not come with the side effect of weight gain and is 98 percent fail proof?

Congratulations Babe!!!
As to your question,98 percent fail proof? Na Condom!!!

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